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Ghostwriting Services

From 16 bar verses to full rap songs

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My Way Of Working

When I start writing your song lyrics, I will share a Google Document with your email address. This way you will be able to follow the songwriting process. After your song lyrics are finished, I will record a vocal demo for you. Listening to this will help you to study the song lyrics and practice the flow as much as you need.

16 Years Of Lyricism

"Since I was a kid I have been a fan of Hip Hop and it didn't take me a long time before I started writing rap lyrics myself. Now, 16 years later, I have improved my craft so much that artists from all over the world are buying my song lyrics! What a time to be alive..."

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Keep In Mind...

This is your project. When I start writing your song lyrics, I have to know exactly what you want to talk about in your song. What vibe do you want your song to give to your listeners? Do you want to tell a story or rap clever punchlines with crazy flows?

Be specific about what kind of song you want me to write. This way you will get the full potential out of Ghostwriter for Hire.

Become A Better Artist/Songwriter

Working with a professional lyricist like me will have multiple benefits. Besides from getting your song lyrics written, you will learn from me as I lyrically write your story down.
Study my way of writing and become a better songwriter yourself.

Now tell me about yourself and let's create something memorable!